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power of SOOMA

Token Benefits

The token has a decentralized property, which practically reduces external control over it.
The deflationary nature of the token causes the supply of the token to decrease and the price to increase.
Gaining benefits for all token holders and traders is predicted by the development team, which will increase day by day with the implementation of newer projects.

Global trading

The SOOMA Community

All people anywhere in the world will be able to trade easily through decentralized platforms or through exchanges as well as the intra-site trading platform.
The development team is trying to provide more environment and trading programs to its customers.

ensure a safe

Adaptive Smart Contracts

Unique codes designed by the programming team are used in the design of Soma algorithms.
This has made the token contract very coherent but simple and understandable by other developers.
The token contract will be publicly released to be debugged by others and help debug the program.

The design of the contract is done in such a way that the most transactions can be done with the least amount of gas.


Best Features

The SOA Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Ultra Fast & Secure
Instant Private Transaction

The data of all users will be stored in the secure blockchain chain

High Performence
Limitless Applications

There will be no restrictions on all future and current functions of the platform and the speed of operation will gradually increase.

Reliable & Low Cost
Instead fast and safe

Transfer and invest with the lowest tax And  high speed at the same time transparency


Ecosystem key features

The SOOMA ecosystem is built on a DEFLATION network.
This token plays the role of the mother symbol of the collection.
All side activities of the system are taken from this sign.
The general logic from the beginning of the launch of the system is to reduce the total token offered and increase the logical price along with the increasing progress of the project.

More than 60 percent of the total supply will be burned during the development period. Each month, more than 1% will be burned.

The NFT SOOMA collection, one of the most special and beautiful digital art collections in the world, will be released.

The predictions made give customers the ability to make transactions with any common currency, whether digital or fiat.

According to the road map, expect a beautiful fantasy action game in the style of Star Wars. The first trailer of the game will be released soon.


Introducing the NFT collection

You will find the most innovative collection of NFTs at SOOMA
Creating innovation is our art

  • A pool of 5000 SOOMA NFT will be created.
  • 1,000 NFTs will be awarded as part of a lottery among those who participate in the airdrop and Ico of the collection.
  • 2000 NFTs in the collection will be oversold at 0.6 ETH.
  • 2000 NFTs of the collection will be sold for public purchase in the site’s market place at a minimum price of 1.4 ETH.
  • A set of 20 exclusive SOOMA game characters will also be given to all investors by lottery.

Token Sale

You can participate in any of the AIRDROP or ICO projects or buy and sell according to the schedule below.
To participate in the ICO, please select the WHITELIST.

stage 1t
1 October 2023

25 Days

PRICE =  .01
CAP  = 100/000/000 SOA
33% PRE SALE  Cap  $1M
1  MARCH  2023

15 Days

PRICE  =   .012
CAP = 100/000/000 SOA
33%  ICO Cap   $1.2M
1 JUNE 2023

15 Days

PRICE = .02
CAP = 100/000/000  SOA
33%  ICO  Cap $2M
Join Our
Pre-Sale Start at            01 October 2023
coming soon


  • Token Symbol SOA
  • Token Sale Start stage1 1 OCTOBER 2023
  • Token Sale End stage1 25 October 2023
  • Tokens for sale on ICO 100,000,000
  • Token Price $0.01 USD on stage 1
  • Specifications SOA token
  • Max circulating supply on ICO ON 3 STAGE 300,000.000
  • Sale duration on stage1 25 days on stage1

Token Allocation

Operating Allocation


Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about SOOMA.

Privacy Policy
Token risks

Road Map

The token development team will do its best to achieve the project’s goals as you can see below.
The estimated time for these goals is two years.

2022 Q1
  • Formation of ideas and plans
  • Team Assemble
2022 Q2
  • Executive review and overall performance shaping
  • Strategic Plan
  • Completing the white paper
2022 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
  • Deploy token
  • Formation of advertising and marketing team
2022 Q4
  • Registration of airdrop applicants 1t
  • Activity in all social networks
  • Starting the work of the development team for NFT works
2023 Q1
  • The STAGE1 of selling tokens
  • Issuance of the first set of NFTs
  • Start trading in exchanges
  • Distribution of airdrop tokens 1t
  • Step 1 burning tokens according to tokenomic
2023 Q2
Token Sale public & ICO STAGE2
  • Release of ICO tokens STAGE 1
  • Start selling ICO STAGE 2
  • Listing in centralized exchanges
  • Step 2 burning tokens according to tokenomic
2023 Q3
NFT season
  • Public Release of SOOMA's NFTs Collection
  • SOOMA wallet beta release
  • Implementation of AIRDROP 2t
  • Step 3 burning tokens according to tokenomic
2023 Q4
SOOMA's turn
  • Site update
  • SOOMA staking platform
  • SOOMA wallet alpha release
  • Start selling ICO STAGE 3
  • Step 4 burning tokens according to Tokenomics
2023 Q5
  • Release of ICO tokens STAGE 3t
  • Implementation of AIRDROP 3t
  • Distribution of airdrop tokens 2t
  • Release of limited edition of SOOMA game for developers
  • Step 5 burning tokens according to Tokenomics
2024 Q1
The season of revolution
  • Launch of SOOMA online exchange
  • Release of beta version of SOOMA game
  • Release of SOOMA in-game tokens with the names (SOG, SOB)
  • Step 6 burning tokens according to Tokonomics
2024 Q2
The final season
  • Release of alpha version of SOOMA game
  • Public release and start of trading tokens (SOG, SOB)
  • Distribution of airdrop tokens 3t
  • Update the white paper to continue the development path
  • Roadmap update according to the new white paper
  • New Tokenomics release
  • Step 7 burning tokens according to Tokenomics

Executive team

SOOMA owes its success to the tireless and round-the-clock efforts of its colleagues during these 10 months. You will see a small part of the colleagues below.
Additional information of all the programming and advertising team, financial advisors, site designers, game designers, and NFT designers will be published over time.

Oleksii Klitovchenko
CEO & Blockchain Developer

Xinusu .eth
EXOHAPE Lead & NFT Trader & SNR Web3 Developer

Treyton DeVore
Community Management & financial consultant & Path designer & Economic coach

Ludovic Domingues
Blockchain Game Dev/Designer

Afroza Rahman
Computer Engineer || Web Developer || UX/UI Designer- HTML • CSS • JS • Figma

Alex jacson
Blockchain Developer and manager


Supported By


Frequently asked questions

In this section, all frequently asked questions will be presented as well as a summary of the overall performance of the SOA token.

SOOMA is an online trading and gaming and NFT platform based on its main token, SOA. This is the first time this has happened in the crypto industry.

Due to the special capabilities of the BINANCE SMART CHAIN network, the token has expanded on this network.

This means that in the token transactions in the network, 10% of the transactions will be divided between the token holders and market making, as well as burned.

In the first stage, before the public sale of the token, an ICO stage will be implemented in a limited way, where you can buy the token at a price much lower than the market value.

The first stage of the sale of SOA tokens will take place in the ICO. You can own valuable SOOMA tokens before everyone else at a much lower price than the public offering.

ICO SOA will be done in three stages. 100,000,000 tokens will be sold in each stage. A total of 300,000,000 million tokens will be sold.

The ICO will be done on the platform inside the site itself or on one of the platforms outside the site. Prices will increase step by step, so buy early! The starting date of the steps is mentioned in ROAD MAP and WHITE PAPER with details. Purchased tokens cannot be bought and sold until two months after the end of each ICO stage.

Considering that no complete project can be implemented without financial support, therefore, the SOOMA team needs financial resources for its development and progress, and it is a very safe and common way in crypto to implement ICO. Our team has made every effort to estimate the required cost by performing all financial and technical calculations according to tokenomic.

To reduce costs for buyers and creators, the programming team decided to develop tokens on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

This token is essentially a DEFLATION token which causes In each transaction, 10 percent of the transaction will be collected by the network. According to TOKENOMIC, this amount of tokens will be burned or distributed among the holders or added to the token liquidity pool in PANCAKE SWAP.

In the public offering stage, until the formation and construction of the platform inside the site, the team has to leave its supply to decentralized exchanges. PANCAKE SWAP and UNISWAP will be used first. The team will do its best to list the token at least on the centralized exchange in the first 6 months after the public offering.


Get In Touch

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